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Ellen Ferber, LCSW Psychotherapist

In my psychotherapy practice I work with patients to help them to examine and make choices that will lead them to feel deeply satisfied in their relationships and allow them to be comfortable with the wide range of emotions and experiences that make life interesting and worthwhile.  All this can be made possible by engaging in a safe therapeutic, interpersonal relationship, in which their emotional life is examined.  Practical matters enter the therapy office as well, with therapy affording the opportunity to make important decisions with greater confidence after the related issues are well considered.

why do people seek psychotherapy?

Feelings of anxiety, depression, sadness or irritability may motivate people to seek treatment, as well as difficulty or conflict in work and personal relationships.  Life stressors as well as chronic feelings may be the impetus, as well as an absence of pleasure and enjoyment or an inability to relax.

Parents seek treatment for their babies and children when there are behavioral and development challenges, as well as conflicts and impaired relationship and school functioning.

Significant life events may present challenges that stress coping skills or stimulate feelings from prior difficult times.


I have been in clinical practice for 25 years working  with individual adults and couples, as well as parents and their young children. In addition to my clinical practice, I have extensive experience as a program consultant for numerous early childhood programs in which I help teachers to integrate an understanding of the social-emotional needs of young children into a developmentally appropriate classroom curriculum. 


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